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Titanium Jewelry - simply beautiful

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ZEEZEN is now world wide introducing the unique titanium jewelry collection created by Jens Henrik Hansen. Retailers are welcomed now in different languages to explore the richness of opportunities by working together with ZEEZEN.

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Titanium Jewelry- Feel the spirit of Nature

Jens Henrik Hansen has worked hard to build a professional and successful company in the Philippines. A Danish designer, he has 25 years experience in the jewelry industry. He uses this experience to combine Danish design with Philippine craftsmanship.

Armed with the beauty of Titan, he now has a company that can boast both a professional and reliable business. Work in a pleasant natural environment and the opportunity associated with the success to grow, Jens Henrik has chosen the Philippines.

The company is already known in Australia, Germany, Japan, Scandinavia and Egypt. Zeezen is growing both in the breadth of its brand awareness in world wide and as well as in the depth of its offer, which is currently still dominated mainly in the manufacture of fine jewelry made of titanium, with sapphires, diamonds, pearls, silver and gold.

Titanium rings have recorded a dramatic rise in popularity, this is due to several factors. Titanium does not corrode and it is inert. So there is no chance for the development of an allergic reaction to the metal.

Titanium is a body friendly metal.

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It is commonly alloyed with other steels, aluminum and other metals to create strong, lightweight alloys. Technically pure titanium is as strong as low-grade steel, but weighs 45% less. Titanium was first discovered in 1791 by William Gregor in Cornwall, England. Titanium is named after the Titans. The sons of the earth goddess in Greek mythology.

Jens Henrik Hansen is a true master, his design is combined with Filipino craftsmanship. Retailer and private customers feel the soul of his products. His employees went through a 4-year training in all work processes and become acquainted with the hundred-year-old production methods. Each jewelry piece is made individually after ordered. This allows a high degree of flexibility for customer requirements.


Orders are placed online and deliveries are made after 3 - 5 working days. The highly qualified staff and the production according to European standards with German and Swiss machinery manufactured jewelry guarantees satisfied customers.

The delivery for shipments world wide up to half a kilo costs 9 € if the order is placed online. Restailers order directly for their customers. Wholesale surcharges are excluded and this keeps the price-performance ratio very attractive.

Titanium Jewelry have gained popularity

Titanium jewelry has gained popularity among clients because of its superficial and innate characteristics. To begin with, clients prefer Titanium jewelry because it is durable and everlasting. It means that clients will not need to replace jewelry several times within a short while. Titanium metal is about 30% stronger than steel, which means that it is more durable: it can withstand ordinary wear and tear for a long time. Titanium jewelry is scratch proof, which means that client do not have to worry about the necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewelry getting scratched when they wear them. One is able to move around without worrying what comes into contact with the jewelry. Titanium is also 50% lighter than steel, making it preferable for those who do not like heavy rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles. For those who love superficial appearance, Titanium metal has a distinctive appearance and sparkle. This makes Titanium jewelry wearers feel special, more than when wearing gold, silver or platinum. The unique sheen makes it preferable for wear during posh and colorful occasions. The Titanium jewelry is considered unique because of the natural gray hue. Some manufacturers also add a matte finish, which makes it more appealing and dazzling. Titanium jewelry does not react with water. This is an important property, because all jewelry comes into contact with wet skin. It does not corrode, thus, it can withstand acids produced by the body in perspiration form. In addition, corroding makes some other jewelry not long lasting. Titanium jewelry is also preferable because it is hypoallergenic, meaning it cannot cause allergic reactions to the skin. In fact, it is the preferred type of jewelry for those with allergic skins and allergic issues. Titanium jewelry is worn in outdoor activities such as sports (as a 'back up ring'), because of its outstanding properties. Titanium jewelry is also preferred by young people who understand the complexity and distinct attributes of Titanium as a metal.

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